Anti-Hunger Conference - New Low Sodium Meal Guidlelines

July 6th, 2012 by

One in Five Children are Hungry in America

Community Spice Company was honored to participate at the Annual Anti-hunger Conference in Washington D.C. Feeding America is the nations largest hunger relief charity in the USA. We met with Lynn Woolsey’s Office who championed the legislation to remove junk food in schools, AB

The event was co-sponsored by FRAC that works with legislators to help feed children and families who do not have access to enough food. Follow the latest work to fight hunger with (Food Stamp) SNAP and the Mobile Pantry Program.  Great news about the School Nutrition Act President Obama signed in January.

The Act recommends School Children and Adults with Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Hypertension to limit Sodium Intake to 500 mg per meal (1500 mg /day). What is astounding is that this affects 90% of Americans eat too much sodium in their diets. Low Sodium Meals are pivotal to our nations control of obesity and heart health.

Community Spice Company works with local food banks in the Bay Area to help feed people for pennies in their Pantry Programs. We donate 25% with every online purchases. This provides equivalent of 5 meals to the food banks. Select Feeding America from our donation list. Our spices help make low sodium recipes and meals.