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Saving the world with flavor with heart healthy low sodium gluten free spices.


Community Spice Company was founded in 2010 by Janis Callon, RN, PHN to help today’s busy consumers, schools, foodbanks, and corporations.

Janis Callon has a long history of community service and helping others. She is a 5th generation Californian and is a graduate of Chabot College, Cal State East Bay (more informally known as HAY-U) and is a UC Berkeley Almuni. Her core passions have been Cooking, Master Gardener, Landscape Architecture, Windsurfing, Boating, Apple Products, and her Norwich Terrier, Oliver!

She is proud to be a Veteran and served in the Army National Guard. As a nurse she assisted more than 10k patients working as an Intensive Care Nurse & Public Health Nurse in the Bay Area as well as abroad in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia where she immersed herself in world spices and exotic flavors.

Batman and Oliver at Santa Monica

Oliver and Batman in Santa Monica

She started cooking in College and mastered pastas, pastries/ deserts and grilling.  She has grilled more than 15k chicken breasts and 3k pounds of vegetables. She felt that consumers could benefit by having healthy – low sodium sweet & savory complete spice blends to help them makes “slow food fast.”

Janis  is a minimalist by nature and likes challenges. Within 3 months from concept she launched her first line of 4 products with the help of her Chef friend, Jennifer Johnson, private chef to the Gordon Getty family and long tenure at Chez Panisse. In order to develop her company, Janis paired down and moved to her boat in Sausalito. 

Community Spice Company - Sleak Spices

Sleak Spice Packs perfect portions, meals and gifts.

She graduated from the Women’s Initiative for Self Employment and supports manyorganizations. Giving back is core to Community Spice Company’s business. Online buyers can select an organization for CSC to donate to with each purchase. She wanted a product line that is utilitarian, user friendly, beautiful, helps consumers, and saves time, money, and energy.

She believes and follows a Green Mandate for business practices. Her packaging is biodegradable, takes up 50% less shelf space, and mails easily with minimal additional postage in Greeting Cards.She is most proud of the utilitarian FOOD RULER on the backsides. This 4″ Food Ruler helps teach people how to prepare small healthy 3 oz to 4 oz meal portions… also it comes in handy around the house!